Stroke services engagement

The Clinical Commissioning groups across Coventry and Warwickshire have recently undertaken an engagement exercise on stroke rehabilitation services. This work builds on the previous public engagement exercises that have taken place from 2014-2017.

Thank you to the local clinicians, patients, carers, community groups and our dedicated patient advisory group, which has led to the proposed options for the future of this important service. 

We have created an infographic which is available here and shows the journey we've been on as our plans have developed.

 Latest news

Integrated Impact Assessment summary and technical document now available

The Integrated Impact Assessment on proposals for improving stroke outcomes for Coventry and Warwickshire summary document is now available to download here.

The purpose of this summary document is to determine the potential impact of the three proposed scenarios for stroke service redesign.

In addition to the summary document, there is a more detailed technical document which has also been made available here. The purpose of this technical document is to provide more detail and evaluate and quantify where possible the potential impacts that could result from each of the proposed stroke service redesign scenarios.

It is important to note, no decisions about the future of stroke services for Coventry and Warwickshire have been made at this time.

What is an Integrated Impact Assessment?

An Integrated Impact Assessment looks to collate a number of related impact assessments into a single process to assess the possible implications, both intended and unintended, of any proposed changes to policy, plans, strategy, projects or initiatives. An Integrated Impact Assessment examines how the proposals may affect communities and how these effects may be seen and felt by different groups within a community. The aim is to make recommendations which enhance the potential positive outcomes of proposals whilst minimising any potential negative impacts.

Why do we use Integrated Impact Assessments?

Collating mulitple related impact assessments into a single document in this way helps to avoid the need to undertake and report on separate assessments, reduces duplication and helps ensure a shared understanding of the content.



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