You Said, We Did

 Getting involved really makes a difference. All the insight and information gained through our patient and public engagement is fed back into the CCG and used to inform the work that we do, from helping to define our commissioning intentions to improving the services that we commission.

We have given all the feedback gathered through our engagement on our commissioning intentions to our commissioning managers. They are taking the feedback onboard when making commissioning decisions and we will update these pages to reflect that. 

Our work as commissioners is split into seven strategic work programmes. You can find out more about those workstreams, what people have told us and the actions we have taken using the menu on the left.

Below is a list of other pieces of work where we have delivered change based on what our patients tell us. If there is anything you want to raise, please do contact us at


You Said

We Did

Phlebotomy services

You were concerned about a lack of local provision for phlebotomy services, especially within North Warwickshire.

We met with UHCW Pathology network, George Eliot Hospital PAF and North Warwickshire Borough Council, and established new clinics to bring service back to original capacity. We issued a press release issued to raise awareness of the services available and informed Healthwatch so that they could also raise awareness.

Discharge from hospital

You were concerned that patients were being discharged from hospital without their required medication due to discharge taking place outside of hospital pharmacy opening hours.

We have worked with George Eliot Hospital to improve the discharge process so that patients are discharged earlier in the day in order to get prescriptions before they leave hospital.

Governing Body

We should hold Governing Body meetings at various locations around the area.

We are holding our July meeting in Atherstone and our November meeting in Coleshill.

Patient and carer support groups

You wanted a way to share your knowledge of local support groups amongst other PPG’s.

We developed an area where Patient Group Forum members could share information on groups via their online discussion forum. We also promoted Healthwatch Warwickshire’s Directory of Health and Social Care Services.

Dementia carer network

You said that it would be useful to develop a network of expert carers   within local GP Practices who would be prepared to support carers of newly diagnosed dementia patients.

We brought the issue to the Patient Group Forum and through this group each individual Patient Participation Group is now looking at how this could be established within their own practice.

Reporting times for radiology

You were concerned about delays in getting x-ray results back to GPs.

We challenged George Eliot Hospital about the time taken to report results, and have worked with the trust to reduce delays.

Future of George Eliot Hospital

You were concerned about the future of the George Eliot Hospital and the impact on services of a new strategic partner for the trust.

We arranged for Glen Burley to attend the Patient Group Forum meeting in September 2018 to answer questions from local Patient Participation Groups.

111 services

An Urdu speaking community group told us they did not understand how to use the 111 service and asked for information in Urdu.

We gave the group information on 111 services and how to use the service, including a leaflet in Urdu.


Developing our Vision for Quality strategy: cardiovascular disease

You said that the whole system needed looking at around heart failure, including rehabilitation.

We have set up a cardiovascular disease project board which includes a patient representative. The board will look at the design of the whole pathway for patients with heart failure.

BME health awareness

You said that you wanted us to work together to raise awareness around issues that were of particular concern to BME communities.

We have worked with community leaders, Public Health, practice managers and WREP to plan a health awareness event to address the issues of particular concern to our BME communities.

Social media

Younger people’s groups told us that they preferred to receive information through social media and be able to complete surveys on line.

We have promoted information through Twitter and developed a patient feedback survey that could be completed both online and in paper format.

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