How do I apply for a personal health budget

If you think you may be eligible and would like to apply for a personal health budget please ask your healthcare professional in the first instance.

If you have a Continuing Healthcare/continuing care review coming up then this could be the ideal opportunity, or if you are having a first assessment you can mention that you would be interested in exploring the option of a Personal health budget then.

If you are already in receipt of a package of care that you know to be funded wholly or in part by the NHS, then please contact your designated health professional and state you would like to be considered for a personal health budget. They will then be able to start this process for you.

What is the process ? 

For a personal health budget to be made available to you the following steps will be followed: 

1. Assessment of your health and wellbeing needs and the collection of information relating to health and care services currently supporting you; 

2. A calculation needs to be done so we can tell you how much money is in your personal budget. This is called an Indicative budget, calculated within the CCG’s resource and allocation policy; 

3. A support plan is developed – this means working out what things or services to buy, to meet your agreed health and wellbeing outcomes; 

4. You can request the type of personal health budget you would prefer (Notional, Third Party or Direct Payment) after the three month transition period; 

5. Your support plan and finalised budget is approved by the CCG; 

6. For third party and direct payment budgets, as part of the signed contract between you and the CCG, you agree to participate in regular reviews and keep detailed records of how the money is spent. Your contract contains a list of the records you must keep.


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