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The future of health commissioning for Coventry and Warwickshire Posted on 24 May 2019


“The Governing Bodies for the three Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Coventry and Warwickshire have agreed that the right direction for developing health commissioning is to merge into a single CCG which covers the entire area. As member-led organisations, the final decision on how to proceed rests with our GP practice members and our recommendation will now be taken to them to seek their agreement.” 


The Governing Bodies of NHS Coventry and Rugby, NHS South Warwickshire and NHS Warwickshire North Clinical Commissioning Groups are recommending to their GP members that a complete merger of all three CCGs into a single organisation is the best way to meet the ambitions set out in the NHS Long Term Plan and to improve the health and wellbeing of our population. 

This recommendation follows each Governing Body meeting independently and considering a number of potential scenarios to determine the best way of organising health commissioning going forward, whilst making the best use of resources and working more closely with providers and the community and voluntary sector. 

The recommendation made by the Governing Bodies will now be presented to each CCG’s GP practice membership. The memberships will review the case for change, and the recommendation of the Governing Body, before voting for their preferred option. 

In order to support the Governing Bodies in making an informed recommendation, a number of stakeholder events were held between March and May to gather feedback from key stakeholders including representatives from patient and public groups; the community and voluntary sector; staff and colleagues working in health and social care and representatives of each CCG’s GP membership. 

The purpose of these events was to present the proposed scenarios and listen to people’s views on the potential benefits and risks of each approach, and to understand what was most important to them. 

The majority of those involved agreed that a merger between the three CCGs made the most sense, as long as the CCG continued to build strong links with and listen to the voices of those living and working in Coventry, Rugby, South Warwickshire and Warwickshire North. 

The three proposed scenarios presented to the Governing Bodies are outlined below: 

Option one: no change – three separately accountable CCGs and current, separate management arrangements 

Option two: retain three CCGs but with a single management structure – a single joint management team established following the immediate appointment of a single Accountable Officer for the three CCGs, but retaining the three existing statutory bodies NHS Coventry and Rugby CCG – NHS South Warwickshire CCG – NHS Warwickshire North CCG 

Option three: a merger of all three CCGs – to create a single commissioning voice, management team, constitution and governing arrangements with a single management team 

Once the CCG memberships have made a decision, the CCGs will work with and involve wider stakeholders, patients and the public in how best to implement the decision and ensure the needs of the local population continue to be met. 

You can view the Case for Change presented to the Governing Bodies here: 




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