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Services to come to an end at Leicester Road Surgery Posted on 11 Jul 2019

NHS Warwickshire North Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the organisation who plan and pay for health services in the area, today announced that Leicester Road Surgery in Bedworth will close on 31 March 2020, when the current contract comes to an end.

This decision has been taken following a period of engagement to understand the needs of patients at the practice, and consider the options available to the CCG. The CCG also considered how the practice was currently used, the size of the patient list, and the capacity of other practices in the area to take on more patients.

A spokesperson from NHS Warwickshire North Clinical Commissioning Group said

We are committed to ensuring that patients have access to high-quality general medical services. Our goal is to make sure that we provide the right services for our entire population, which make the best use of the resources that we have.

We have taken the decision not to re-procure the current contract with Leicester Road Surgery. Leicester Road Surgery is one of our smallest contracts and we believe that the best use of our funding would be to support patients to find a different practice nearby, rather than re-procure the current contract.”

Leicester Road Surgery has a current patient list size of 2,635 people, and this is not predicted to grow in the near future. As part of the survey conducted with patients at Leicester Road, the majority of patients said that they were prepared to travel for up to 10 minutes by car or on foot to reach another practice. Within the local area there are four practices within a mile and a half of Leicester Road Surgery who would be able to offer services to additional patients.

Patients at Leicester Road Surgery will continue to receive services from the practice until March 2020. Over the next nine months the CCG will work with both the practice and the patients to ensure that they registered successfully with another practice before Leicester Road Surgery closes. All appointments and all other services will continue as normal until March 2020.

The spokesperson continued “Patients will receive a letter to inform them what is happening, let them know what they need to do next and provide contact details for the other GP practices in the area so that they can register with a new doctor over the next nine months. If patients need further support, they can contact the NHS Customer Contact Centre on 0300 311 22 33 for advice.”

The CCG has also set up an area of the website to keep patients informed and answer questions which they may have. This can be found at xxxxxx

There are an additional three practices in the Warwickshire North area which are also delivered under contracts which end in March 2020. They are

·       Satis House Medical Practice

·       Camphill GP Led Health Centre

·       The Chaucer Surgery

Following a period of engagement and assessment, the CCG has taken the decision to undertake market engagement with local providers. This engagement is to understand if there are potential providers in the area who would like to take on these contracts. If this engagement is successful, the CCG will undertake to re-procure these contracts through an open market process.[1]

Patients at these practices should check the CCG website at for further details.

More information on local GP practices and services can be found on the NHS Choices website:  


For further information, please email 


[1] We are not able to keep things as they are, or just give the contract to the same providers, as, if the decision is taken to re-procure the contract, the CCG has a legal obligation to offer the opportunity for the contract to other potential Providers who may wish to bid on it. This helps us to ensure that the services continue to improve and offer the right clinical support for patient needs. The current GP contract holder will have the opportunity to bid for the available contracts if they wish to. 

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